Hate to see that unsightly orange-peel skin on your buttocks, legs or arms?

If you want to rid yourself of cellulite you may want to take a look at some of the possible causes:

Do you have weakened connective tissue?

Collagen is found all over the body and is crucial for keeping bones, skin and all connective tissue strong, stretchy and resilient. Certain natural foods such as brightly coloured fresh vegetables and fruit help build collagen. If your diet is low in collagen-building foods then you may tend to develop more cellulite.

Is your circulation poor?

If your hands and feet are often cold or if you are pale, it could be a sign that your circulation isn’t great. The blood brings nutrients to all areas of the body and carries toxins away for disposal. The legs and buttocks are a “safe” storage depot for toxins. If the body is not able to eliminate the toxins it will store them in fat cells.

Do you regularly eat refined foods or stimulants?

These can contribute to weakened connective tissue, toxin overload and the congestion that we call cellulite. Refined foods deplete essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, chromium and B vitamins needed for detoxification. Refined oils in processed foods can also impair detoxification by interfering with cell membrane function (ie. nutrients can’t get in to the cells and toxins cant get out efficiently).

Do you avoid exercising?

In order for your body to have good lymphatic drainage from the tissues in the legs and buttocks you need to move. Unlike the cardiovascular system (which uses the heart to pump blood around your body) the lymphatic system has no pump. It is dependent on the physical movement that you do in order to transport its fluids around the body. Poor lymphatic drainage can result in puffy, swollen or congested skin – ie cellulite. Exercise boosts your blood circulation too, helping transport more nutrients to where they should be. If you avoid exercising due to feeling tired all the time then this needs to be addressed.

Are you well hydrated?

Many people do not drink enough fresh, clean water. Salt, sugar, stimulants and alcohol can also increase our requirement for water. If you are dehydrated then your tissues can become congested, which may speed up the accumulation of cellulite.