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FREE eBook! Recipes for Immune System

Our immune system is the best defence against covid 19.

These 5 recipes will help turbo-charge AND rebalance your immune system.

  • Give your immune system a helping hand with these immune-strengthening recipes that are packed with vitamins, minerals and prebiotic fibre to help you stay healthy.
  • Your immune system defends your body against infection.
  • Your immune system can keep a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognise and destroy the microbe quickly if it enters the body again. This is called antibody-mediated immunity. It is what vaccines target. It naturally develops only beyond age 6.
  • You also have an “innate” immune system you are born with. Scientists now believe innate immunity is the most important against covid 19. Small children rarely become ill from covid 19. They have strong innate immunity but weak antibody-mediated immunity.

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About Author

Anna Collins

Nutrition Specialist

When you work with me, you are cared for.  We work together on your personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help your digestion, skin or hair (or get your autoimmune condition into remission).  As a child and then again in my 30’s I was ill and saw at first hand how food and lifestyle tweaks can change lives.  Sharing your journey to better health and happiness is my passion.

I consult by video/phone and in person in Rathgar (Dublin 6) and Woodtown, Rathfarnham (Dublin 16), Ireland.



Contact us
Phone: 087-981-6666 or 01-4937409


Only for today, Get Your 5 recipes that will help boost your immune system.