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Health Titles

Recipe Books

Health Titles

Wansink, Brian.  Mindless Eating: Why  We Eat More Than We Think.  Hay House, London, 2009.  This book is an insightful, incredible exploration into our habits and what makes us eat the way we eat.  The author is a Stanford graduate and a professor of Applied Economics and Management, resident at cornell University’s food and Brand Laboratory in New York, USA.  His discoveries might change your life. Buy it!

Clayton, Paul.  Health Defence.  Accelerated Learning Systems, Bucks, 2004.  A great all-round and well-referenced book on how and why the right foods and nutrients help your health.  This book, though really informative, is easy to read.  In part 1 it explains why chronic disease strikes.  Part 2 is broken down into chapters on the various groups of nutrients that protect you best against illness and disease.  Part 3 outlines diets that fight specific issues from skin problems to osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimers. Buy it!

Erasmus, Udo.  Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol and Human Health.  Alive Books, 1993.  This book explains how eating the right oils can benefit energy, performance, longevity, skin health, digestion and more. Buy it!

 Holford, Patrick.  The Holford Low-GL Diet Made Easy.  Piatkus, London, 2006.  An eating plan with lots of delicious recipes and snack ideas to help you gain and maintain your ideal shape. Buy it!

Holford, Patrick.  The New Optimum Nutrition Bible.  Crossing Press, 2005.  Gives you a broad knowledge of the lifestyle and food factors that affect your health in an easy-to-read and motivating style.  Digestion, building resistence to stress, delaying ageing and a raft of health issues are covered in this book. Buy it!

Holford, Patrick & Natalie, Savona.  Solve Your Skin Problems: The Drug–Free Guide to Achieving Beautiful, Healthy Skin.  Piatkus, London, 2001.  This book succinctly explains some of the most common causes of various skin conditions and what to do to help your skin heal itself.  This book is also available as a Kindle Edition (published by Hachette Digital, 2010). Buy it!

Lipski, Elisabeth. Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune system and Prevent disease Through Healthy Digestion.  4thedition, McGraw Hill, 2011. This is one of the most useful books you will ever read about the digestive system and is very well researched.  It also covers many common health conditions arising from disordered digestion – from acne and eczema to IBS and colitis – along with natural healing strategies. Buy it!

Roth, Gleneen.  Breaking Free From Emotional Eating.  Plume Books, 2004. Previously published as “Breaking free from Compulsive Eating”, This book is a radically different approach from the usual books about disordered eating.  It is a great tool for understanding and changing the emotional elements that determine your food behaviour – powerful stuff and an easy read. Buy it!

Thomas, Pat.  What’s In This Stuff?  The Essential Guide to What’s Really in the Products You Buy.  Rodale Press, London, 2006. Did you know the skin absorbs up to 60% of every chemical it comes in contact with, or that it takes as little as 26 seconds for some substances to go from the skin to every major organ in the body – what we clean our houses with, what we eat, and what we put on our skin plays an important part in our long term health.   If you want to know how to make informed choices for your health and the healthy of your family, this is the book for you.  It also has a handy list of additive codes or E numbers (not all are bad!). Buy it!

Recipe Books

Nicolle, Lorraine and Bailey, Christine.  The Functional Nutrition Cookbook: Addressing Biochemical Imbalances Through Diet.  This book is a must for anyone wanting maximum vitality for the long-term.  It includes mouthwatering desserts, smoothies and breakfasts, as well as substantial main meals.  Includes a CD with over 130 recipes.

Boutenko, Victoria.  Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health.  North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 2006. Struggle to get enough raw, fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet?  These fantastic recipes are really easy to make and retain ALL the nutrients and fibre contained in the foods. Some of the recipes are savoury but many are sweetened with fruits and are delicious. Buy it!

Cousins, Barbara.  Cooking Without Made Easy: Recipes free from added Gluten, sugar, Yeast and Dairy Produce.  Harper Thorsons, 2005.  A good book for people needing to follow an elimination diet – it provides a good selection of gluten free, dairy free and egg free recipes with a mainly healthy slant.  Except for its recommendations to use margarine in baking (virgin coconut oil or clarified butter is better as margarine is toxic when heated) this book mostly replaces the eliminated foods with fairly healthy alternatives. Buy it!

Marber Ian.  The Food Doctor Everyday Diet.  Dorling Kindersley, 2005. A great cookbook for family (or solitary) meals and is packed with easy, delicious recipes and lovely photography.  It has a wide range of recipes and great breakfast, snack and sandwich ideas designed to boost vitality as well as maintain a sleek physique. It also explains really well how and why your ability to control your blood sugar levels is crucial for a healthy weight.  Eating from this book would go a long way towards achieving better health, glowing skin and increased vitality.   The Food Doctor Everyday diet Cookbook is also good, but with slightly less variety to the recipes and more options for red meat meals. Buy it!

Phyo, Ani.  Ani’s Raw Food Desserts: 85 Easy Delectable Sweets and Treats.  Da Capo Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts,  2009.  The selling point of these desserts is that they are delicious but raw.  They also happen to be wheat, gluten, dairy and processed sugar free.  It also includes chocolate and ice cream recipes. Buy it!