Anna Collins childhood until the age of 11 frequently involved lack of energy or appetite, nausea, recurrent throat and urinary infections, nosebleeds and frequent GP visits and antibiotic use.  Then, in the 1970’s her mother discovered what was then known as “health food” (that is, unprocessed, natural wholefoods, fruits and vegetables).  She encouraged the whole family to eat better. Anna’s health improved. Since then she has had a passion for food and its effect on health.    While Anna was at secondary school in the 1980’s she looked for, but could not find, a career helping people improve their health through wholefoods and lifestyle change.  Such a course did not then exist, so she followed a different path on leaving school.

After her primary degree (Joint BA Hons in History of Art and English Literature) Anna pursued a career in fine art and antiques in London and Dublin.   In the early 2000’s, on the recommendation of her nutritionally-trained GP, she found the course she had been looking for over 20 years before.  Anna graduated in 2007 from the 3-year Nutritional Therapists Diploma Course from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Richmond, London. This course also provided her with a Foundation Degree in Nutritional Therapy from Bedfordshire University.

ION is a member of the UK Nutritional Therapy Council, a UK government-funded body set up to regulate the Nutritional Therapy Profession and ensure professional qualifications and the highest standards of practice. A similar body remains to be set up in Ireland.

Anna is also a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.  As a Nutritional Therapist Anna has been seeing clients since 2006.  She set up in private practice in 2007, in Walkinstown, Dublin.  After 5 years in general nutritional therapy practice she now specialises in tailoring programmes for individuals who would like to enhance their digestive wellness or have better skin.

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